BIOFIT TEA Efficient ba pampa-payat? (Philippines) | CAMYL

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32 thoughts on “BIOFIT TEA Efficient ba pampa-payat? (Philippines) | CAMYL”

  1. Hi guys. As I said in the video. I don’t recommend this sa mga mahihina ang tiyan. Dahil masakit talaga siya. And hindi ko din siya iniinom every day. Pagka feeling ko lang na madami ako nakain. Hindi kasi ako regular talaga magpoopoo may times nga before na 1 week na hindi padin ako nagpoopoo so talagang nakaka help siya sakin na malabas ang toxins sa katawan ko. But please be advised na lahat ng sobra ay masama. Consult your doctor for further questions.

  2. To be honest for people like me na may Heart problems D yan suitable sa inyo, ive tried it and lagi akong nahihilo to the point nawalan ako ng malay sa CR, tas yung bff ko na sabay nag take neto wala nmn d sha na hihilo.. soo i think, pg my sakit ka wag ka mag ganito

  3. I used that for how many many years since 2003 until 2018, now im in states wala nang biofit tea but thank God i got other senna tea from Macy's, soon im gonna order in Amazon, anyway its not effective in losing weight, its just that help's you to poop.. and which is good, its not dangerous to your health cos i jave no problems in my stomach infact help's me a lot, just don't drink tea right away after you eat and i recommend 9pm and up niyo xa inumin, bakit? Kasi kung hapon you cannot sleep in the middle of the night kasi masakit sa tiyan niyo bago kayo mg poop, habang tulog kayo doon xa mg poprocess kya for example your drink it at 8pm after 7-8 hrs you poop, if first time you drink the senna tea or biofit tea, begurlai, any senna tea, it takes hour you set down in the toilet, why? Cos all the fats and food that you ate from the past the tea cleansed your intestine.i recommend if you love eating meat? You have to drink tea after 1 hr or more before bedtime only..this is base on my many years drinking Senna tea..until now im.healthy and if i cannot drink tea for many days? I have stomach ache or always feel uncomfortable, farting a lot, and it is so disgusting cos it smells so bad, why? Cos our intestine when we have bad smell, it is dirty and we have to bowel everyday, and because i am constipated so i have to drink, thank God i married vegan husband which we have vegetables juice that has a lot of fiber and smootie without milk or sweetener, only water we used..goodluck guys..hope i help you about my testimony..

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