Love Yoga – Day 11 – Interior Reality | Ali Kamenova Yoga

Many individuals I do know had a tough 2018 and that was not in vein. We had been all pushed to look deeper inside. To reveal the edges of us which are hidden; our shadow in order that we are able to develop, deepen, connect with our inside reality. As soon as we now have begun the search inside hiding from our true self is much less comfy. We’ve got to get uncomfortable to be able to transfer ahead and depart the patterns that maintain us again.

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24 thoughts on “Love Yoga – Day 11 – Interior Reality | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. I love all of your classes, Ali!! Wonderful on all levels! And somehow I always find answers to things I have been in need of through your sessions💕. It’s so great to see Sophie in your classes too!!! 💕💕 Love to you and your family🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Amazing class again. Do you have any advice on seated forward fold for me as my buttock/ pelvis and hamstrings are really tight. I can only just sit with my legs straight in front of me but even that pulls. Is there anything i can do to increase my flexibility? Thank you x

  3. People have said that one would experience a flow state of mind when the challenge is right. Not enough challenge is boring, too much challenge is frustrating. As a slightly overweight beginner, those classes felt on the too much side. They will be excellent later in my journey : your explanations are clear, the pace is just right, the lessons are varied. And I love the hero journey theme. Thanks for your encouragements Ali !

  4. Perform this yoga practice today. Only my second time repeating a portion of the series and it was very challenging and I did break a misty sweat. I think doing the hip opener practice, another one of your flows yesterday, really prepped me for this one.

  5. For a person with such weak core muscles I found this to be challenging but in a good way. I really love the series you are doing Ali. My fav is Day 9 TRUST. It really prepared me for Inner Truth.

  6. Great class! But today I was unable calm my mind. I was constantly distracted with thought and I couldn't concentrate. But nevertheless I feel much better and calmer after the practice. Thank you, dear Ali!

  7. My 2018 was very challenging but also beautiful. I've started with cleansing my body trough raw vegan diet (100% in 3 months). My diet was very rich in fruits, especially in watermelons and melons. I've even challenged myself to eat only watermelons in 10 days – this was miracle, what happened with my skin. All my skin diseases disappeared, but it wasn't easy at all. When we really want to make our bodies healthy and strong and feeling good within, than we have to go deeper through old, uncociousnes places and the mechanisms of our thoughts. This yoga challenge showing me again my way of thinking, which want to slide and and doesn't care of many very important things for my soul:). Thank you for this powerful class.

  8. Feeling a little under the weather today, didn't want to fall an more behind so did this class today regardless. I allowed acceptance and imperfection in and felt lighter and a greater sense of accomplishment. Thank you Ali for today's class. Gillx

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